Friday, December 9, 2011

How Wilderness Survival realte to the Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games featured a lot of topics that relate to society like government surveillance, dictatorship,etc. When I viewing my topics to talk about, Survival Skills quickly jumped into mind. Its really easily to relate to the Hunger Games because half of the book was featured in an arena that was filled with a big Wilderness setting. They were giving the clothes they bared and the players had to "..outwit, outplay, and outlast."(John A. Thomas)
    In the Wilderness you can easily could have died if you didn't have any sort of strategy. Hamitch told Peeta and Katniss to not go to do the cornucopia when the gong rang, but to run of to the dense woods and find a source of water as soon as possible. This basic strategy helped keep Peeta and Katniss live throughout the Hunger Games without dieing. Another Skill is to find your way to safety, it can easily save your life also. Take This Scene: A man that is up camping a tree vs. A man camping on the ground with no protection, we can easily tell who is going to last longer.
    Overall the most important tool is your mind. Trapping and Snaring can be an easy source to find and trap food. First of all you need to know what to trap and not to catch, Katniss knew somewhat about what is safe and what was not safe because her mother was an apothecary. When Many tributes died by eating stuff their not supposed to eat, Katniss was smart enough and knew what to eat and not to eat. The most important tip to snaring is not to alarm the prey by leaving clues to your snare/trap. If you let an animal know where your snare/trap is that animal will most likely not go in that direction.
    Effective Use of Camouflage clothing in the wilderness can also effect the results of you living or dieing. Camouflage can be simple as covering your self with the the things in your area like pine cones,leaves,mud,etc. In the Hunger Games the setting was a mixture of two settings: A meadow with a large lake and a thick forest. When Katniss went hunting or spying, she often hid in bushes and tried to muffle the sound of her footsteps.
    If you fallow this top 5 tips for Wilderness Survival you have a big chance of surviving. Build shelter, shelter can be easy as sleeping up in a tree or an abandoned cave. In the Hunger Games, when Peeta was bleeding out he quickly found a near by cave and camped their. You can be like Katniss when she found a willow tree for shelter. Study the weather around you, In the arena the Gamemakers often changed the Heat rapidly and rapidly drop down the weather to bone chilling temperatures. Water is the most critical tool for your body. Katniss was dieing for thirst until she a found a quaint source a water: a small pond of mud. The most major tool is staying calm, no matter what. Peeta and Katniss were losing their minds, but somehow they calmed down and headed for one goal: To win the Hunger Games, together. Avery, Luther.

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