Monday, May 21, 2012

ll: The Final

      “OK, Mr Thomas where is the code.” A  clean looking man with a big untrimmed mustache loudly speaks to me in a bad tone. “I don't know what you are talking about!” I shout out. Then I feel the  sensation of electricity running through my nerves and I lash a terrible shout of misery. I start sobbing and I hear the same voice again “Where is the code!” He yells out at me. “Don’t yell at me like that or I....” I stop my sentence because he aims at me with a pistol. “OK lets try that again” he says sarcastically. I know he is being serious. ‘Thomas, The reason why you are here  is because your parents knew a code to an unlimited number of money.”  
    The next day I was let free but I have the feeling that I'm still being watched. by some sniper or some spy. I got on an old city bus and took a trip back home.  On the way home some old man kept staring at me, he might be some spy or just some noisy person. I suppose the guys sent him to spy on me. When I arrived home I saw a white letter sticking out my old beaten, paint peeled, mailbox. Its just another bill I said in my head so I left the letter. I went up the sidewalk to my house which is filled with holes and weeds poking through the cracked cement.
     I walked slowly to my door and then with caution I slowly twisted the doorknob waiting knowing some bomb will go off. But there was big kaboom so I knew I made it home safe. So with my whole body ready to fall dead on the floor, I forget to close the front door. So I I threw my lifeless, tired body on the floor. When minutes pass by, I drift into a deep sleep.
     RINGGG, RINGGG, RINGGG! At first I thought it was a bomb or something that had just went off.
But when I fully wake up I noticed it was a missing call. It was on my iphone. I gripped the phone and pressed the home button. I expect the bomb to go off but again there was no boom. So as soon I swiped the bar, Suddenly I was knocked down by some powerful blast. I was pretty sure that I was more than alive and then I started to process what had just happened. "They switched out my iphone with a rigged one!" I was very frustrated and I couldn't live with being in denial so with no injuries, I got back up and sprinted towards my so called 'car'. 
     I drove for minutes until I saw the old run down factory. I got out my 'car' and with my head about to explode with such anger, I fiercely walked up to one of the windows and busted it out with my own bare fist. Yes,  I was really that mad that I was going overboard with my actions. I climbed in the now windowless frame and I entered this old room. The room was covered in dust, with a small sliver  of light escaping through the curtains, and with tons papers spread out through the whole floor."OK I had enough!" I screamed out of my lungs until no air remained. 
     My moment was ended when the guy with the big untrimmed mustache literally comes out of nowhere. He claps his hands showing some what kindness. 
     "Mr Thomas You came back to visit us!" He said in a sarcastic way. 
     "OK shut up im tired of your sarcasm" I shouted violently towards him. 
     "You might not want to that again." After finishing that comment he gave me a sign to took at our right. There I spotted two big built guys with some assault riffles. 
     "As you see my guys are ready to fire if you dare to escape or do if you do something else stupid, got that?
     "OK, what do you want from me? Cash, the code, just take it you can have it!" 
     "Thomas when I work with my clients, I like to work out deals. I make sure my client gets money and that I also get a share."
     "OK so its like a buisness." I ask confused
     "Exactly. But if you do anything stupid I will make sure you will be assassinated with my own hands"

  There I was the next day walking to a nearby Wells Fargo to obtain some money. When I got there there was a big built guard carrying a shotgun with a ballistic vest on. When I walked up to the front doors I kindly greet him and he returns a greet also. I push the glass doors open and a sudden blast of arctic air was released. On a humid summer like this, this is the best feeling in the world. Later I am greeted by some nice cashiers that were happy to assist me. I walked up to this cashier, she had a gentle voice. 
     "Yeah so my parents died and told me to come and they gave me this code for some cash." I told her.
    "Yes sir, just give me the code so I can authorize it" As she said in her nice, gentle voice.
      "Yeah it's 4572386435834784783437834p"
     "OK! There you go its completed. How much would you like to withdraw?"
     "1 million dollars"
    For a second she stared at he like if being serious. I later convinced her that I was going to give it some charity that was in need of money. She somehow believed he and she gave he the money. On thing that I found strange about that day was that she kept staring at me as I left. Right there I knew I started my life as a Millionaire.
  "Sir, I literally just gave this guy 1 million dollars. But he acted very weird so.... yeah."
  " Well thanks for the tip, we will make sure this guy is legit and not some fake trying to steal our valuable assets "
The phone line dies.

 "Thomas your the best!" As the big untrimmed mustache guy goes crazy over the checked I gave him. I really did impress this guy with the amount of zeros on the check that I presented to him. At the same time I felt a huge volume of guilt building inside my body. He just kept thanking me with much grace, like if I saved his very own life from the very own hands of death. After some time his state of mind came back and his enjoyment decreased rapidly. Now He demanded me to go out and start making big withdraws from local Wells Fargo's around the area. I think I just started I life as a thug. 
     Days has passed, with me mostly withdrawing huge sums of money.It was all going great until one day, I was withdrawing money at this Wells Fargo that was across the state. I remember the day,  still crystal clear in my mind. 
     I arrived to the small styled, colonial bank at some city, probably in some old colonial styled city.  I felt like every step I took I felt like I was being fallowed and stalked by someone or something. I shook it off because I thought I was over reacting so I decided to calm down. My whole life changed when I heard alarms and a loud voice shouting towards me."Get Down with your hands down!" That's what I did put my hands in the air and stood there like an idiot.
    There you go that's the end to my twisted story.  


Monday, May 7, 2012

Sometimes Teen Life is Cruel

    This is the fundamental lesson here, as some cry, as teens complain in what is the never ending land of complaints.
    Sometimes the nagging will never stop. Sometimes the voices will cease and will not nagg. Sometimes the hands will rise and will smack your face like a fist. Sometimes your face will release sorrow.
    Sometimes, Teen Life is Cruel.
Eventually we will dig ourselves out of the land of never ending complaints. We rebuild our personality and attitude. And we go on. This is the price of being a teen.
    Sometimes, Teen Life is Cruel, and you have no choice but to accept it. And when it was your turn, you had to deal about being a teen.
    But what if it was your turn again to be a teen?
    Surely some are hopeless, peer pressure damaged teens can be forgiven for thinking it is always it turn, surely the rest of us watching from afar, experiencing the devastation of teen life from the comfort of the media and society, are tempted to believe the same thing.
    Sometimes Teen Life is cruel. To look for teens that are filled with the thoughts of bullying of each other. Many teens get involved in teen pressure and many die by giving in like doing something stupid that will end up getting you killed, somehow. For teens this seems to never end, even after in adulthood.
    But what else are you going to do? As the media shows that teens are now-it-alls and some drug atics. Even less have have we the ability to answer the question that burns the moment: Why do teens think their life is so cruel?
    We are hold back by our limitation, so we can only do what we always do, only sit there and watch their lives develop.
   Go on. Live your adult lives as teens live in cruel.    

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lowlife to Millionare to Lowlife: Intro

   My name is Thomas and was once on the run. I been trying to outrun the cops by running off to different states and countries. I was involved in the big fraud/robbery on some big dollar company . Unfortunately I was caught and brought to justice. Now i'm living in this 6 by 6 feet jail cell with no chance of ever seeing the world again.
    It was the year 2006 and I was about 19 years old with no clear future, whatsoever. My life was a downfall at the time. My parents died within 2 months and my only brother Jake was killed in Afghanistan by a hostile attack. With that my life was emotionally damage and it was too much to handle. Today I  woke up see the birds chirping some annoying tune that brings anger to my life. Then I stumbled to the kitchen with a vein popping headache, from drinking too much the night before. Anyways I walk to the kitchen trying to recall the events of last night. Then suddenly my phone starts to ring out some annoying tune. With no care I pick up the phone.
   “Ehh is this thomas?” A dark low voice came from the other end.
“Yeah, what do you need?” I said while trembling.
  “You need to come down to Harrison road and stop by the Old Comic factory with broken windows panels and with crackling paint. Ok You got that?” He said in a hostile way.
  Before I can say something the phone line went dead. So I try to puzzle what had just happened. I don’t know the other voice on the other line because his voice was all deformed. He told me to go to the Old Comic Factory which is mostly used by gangs as hide outs or used to store high dollar drugs. Also the factory is located in the slummy part of Kirksville, so it tells everything.
  Ok its 15 minutes till 7, I think I should go and start getting ready. I slowly put on a threadbare T shirt with several coffee stains, that looks like I got it from a dumpster. Later I put on an old pair of Nikes with a faded swoosh symbol. “Ok thomas don't do anything stupid or you be killed” I said silently. With that I walk over to the door and I slowly turn the knob. I take one small step and suddenly two guys with black suits approach me! With great fear I try to run away but I then feel a great number of pain being put in my body. I quickly fall on the gravel and then I start to black out. ‘We explain later” I heard one of the men say. Seconds later I fully black out.

                                            To be continued

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hunger Games Review

    The Hunger Games was a story turning, action packed movie. It includes most of the stuff from the book but it left out some important information. In the book it includes great details about each caracter, in the movie it really didnt show how important the people are.
    The scence about Katniss and Peeta finding true love in the cave went by fast in the movie. Many movie watchers didnt really see total value in the scence but if you read the book it was like the most important piece of the book.The book said that Katniss and Peeta were like true love, but in the movie it really didnt show that connection.
    Overall the movie was great. Before you see the movie, you HAVE to read the book. With that you can understand more and get a better interpretation of the whole movie

Friday, March 30, 2012

I am The Messenger Blog Out

Many things have happened to Ed (Main chararcter) Ever sence the card. He has meet new people and learned about thier backgrounds and some pain that they are feeling. To me this book awesome, the way the author makes Ed talk in a notcaring voice, makes the book even more different than others books I read.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If I Could Change The world

If I could change the world
Kids would never be used for soldiers
Every one's wish will be granted
Great Childhood memories will be forever kept
There will be no such thing as war
If I could change the World
Schools will offer never ending education
Bullying will be stopped and never heard of again
There would be no gangs and enemies
If I could change the world
Kony would be captured
The final pages of I book will never be finished but to leave the reader in ponder
If I could change the world
People’s banks accounts would be filled with endless money like a lakebed filled with a great mass of water
My favorite pair of shoes will never be worn down
That education was free and all the unfortunate people can take part

      These are some great ideas, only if someone would make this happen

Friday, March 9, 2012

Figurative Language

PicLit from
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The first one is an example of personification. I said the walls Speaks to me, but that really cant happen.